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Wiper blades

Wipers are used today in every car. The quality of this unit ensures ease of use and safe driving in bad weather. The choice of wiper blades includes many parameters: car model, design features of blades, price and, of course, manufacturing quality.

The product range of Korean company Roadrunner presents all types of wipers:

• frame
• frameless
• hybrid

Regardless of blades design, we ensure high-quality manufacturing for all models. Besides, with Roadrunner you can purchase parts for wipers of all modern car brands. If you cannot choose a model of wiper blades for your car, tell our managers the model of your car and we will help to select the optimal part.

In our catalog you will find left and right windshield wipers, and rear window wipers. We always offer a wide range of wiper sizes. All goods are delivered in reliable packaging and with a full warranty. Due to shipping directly from our factory, you get an affordable price for all categories of Roadrunner auto parts.