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Our company actively cooperates with wholesale customers and new partners. If you want to distribute our products in your region, we will offer you the most beneficial terms. You can place a supply order for parts of certain car brands or include only the most popular products. We can also help you to make an optimal list considering specifics of your business.

We invite various categories of entrepreneurs to cooperate:

  • Retail shops of auto parts
  • Maintenance and repair service shops
  • Companies specializing in car tuning and upgrading
  • Online stores and private dealers
High-quality auto parts ensure your safety! The parts produced by Korean brand Roadrunner are the best in the field. The product range allows to choose components for European, Japanese and American car brands. The accuracy of manufacturing is not lower than that of original products. All our products is confirmed by certificates and a factory warranty.

Roadrunner products are successfully sold in various countries of the world. The brand is currently gaining popularity. It is conditioned by high demand for quality and budget-friendly goods.