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The modern automotive parts market is divided into two large segments. The first segment represents high-quality but very expensive original components, and the second one offers cheap and low-quality analogues. Roadrunner, a Korean company, aims to combine the advantages of both formats by launching high-quality analogues at affordable prices.

Our auto parts are exactly what customers around the world have long been waiting for. We strive to make the repair of any car fast, inexpensive and high-quality.

While forming the range of products we considered all modern models and car brands. This allows our customers to always be sure that their car repair will not be a problem. You always know exactly where you can find the right quality Roadrunner replacement part for your car. And this is the core advantage!

To make Roadrunner products available to every motorist throughout the world, we work with intermediaries and auto repair shops. For our partners we offer additional discounts resulting in low prices for the end customer.


The automotive industry in Korea emerged in the middle of the last century. Its rapid development in those years was largely ensured by the state policy of promoting the automotive industry. Today, not only Korean cars but also Korean auto parts are considered one of the best in the world.

Roadrunner company has a vast experience in manufacturing auto parts. At present we have reputable production facilities where a wide range of high-quality parts is produced daily. Our employees are qualified specialists (engineers, technologists and others) who use the most advanced technologies in their work.

The Korean company Roadrunner currently supplies its products to the European, American, and Asian auto parts markets. Every day we expand the network of our representative offices making our auto parts more accessible to our consumer.

Roadrunner is committed to traditions and maintains a high reputation of Korean products. Based on many years of experience we constantly improve and create products of excellent quality for you.


The automotive industry experiences constant change and competitive growth. Considering this situation, Roadrunner decided to base its corporate policy on the principles of production profitability and customer needs. We constantly invest in the development of new technologies and retain the time-tested traditions.

Our future development integrates comprehensive strategies of products promotion to world’s best markets. This allows us to follow changes in demand of both the ultimate customer and our partners.

We deem coverage of all car brands and models one of our most important milestones. So, besides producing auto parts for existing brands and models we also develop offerings for new and most progressive cars which use alternative fuel and energy.

Our corporate policy demonstrates much care for our personnel and partners. We highly value our specialists and provide them with friendly work environment, therefore ensure higher productivity and the best quality of our products.


While delivering Roadrunner auto parts throughout the world we take care of the high quality of delivery. That is why the packaging of our products always provides proper protection and safe transportation.

We have created our recognized brand so that you can distinguish our original products from fake and low-quality analogues. The Roadrunner corporate logo and marking are always visible on the packaging of our auto parts.

On our website you can find our logo template, its variations and examples of Roadrunner parts marking. The presented materials will also be useful to media representatives and to our partners involved in the promotion of our products in their regions.

Attention! We do not deliver goods without packaging and certificates of conformity. If you are offered some Roadrunner branded goods without packaging, you should doubt its authenticity and quality. We also never open the packaging prior to sending the goods to the buyer. The packaging opened by you retains your right to use our warranty or return the goods.


Our company is one of the leaders on Korean automotive parts market. The Roadrunner brand is an integrated approach to solving any car repair tasks.
Corporate Style

Innovative techologies

We currently work with wholesale and retail customers. Each category of customers is offered with optimally affordable prices and terms of cooperation. Due to direct cooperation, we provide the fastest delivery of goods to the final consumer and guarantee the high quality of our products.

A professional and always responsible approach to placed orders is ensured by competence trainings and by many years of experience in the auto parts market. When placing an order, you will be supported by your Roadrunner personal manager. We practice this attitude to our customers for your best convenience and comfort.

All World

We sell auto parts in many countries of the world. With us you can purchase universal parts for your cars produced in Europe, the USA, Japan and Korea. We are ready to attentively consult and assist you in selecting components across all categories.