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Automatic transmission is one of the most important components of the car. It performs the function of receiving, transforming, transmitting and changing the direction of torque. Since switching in this system is performed automatically, the repair of this unit requires a highly responsible approach.

Roadrunner automatic transmission parts are always the right choice. With us you can buy components for:

• automatic transmission torque converter
• planetary gear
• hydraulic control systems
• electronic control systems

For each brand of car and type of automatic transmission we will provide you with parts of high quality and accurate manufacturing. All of them comply with international standards and have a warranty.

If you are face the problem of friction disks wear, clutch coupling or rings deformation, or the service life of the brake band has expired, or seals and other consumables are required – just look in our catalogue and we will solve all the problems! From Roadrunner you can purchase any part for your automatic transmission separately or as a set of other auto parts