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The ride comfort of car depends on the quality of suspension. This means if you make a mistake when choosing parts for this unit, you will significantly reduce the travelling comfort. But this will never happen if you choose Roadrunner suspension components.

Our product range includes parts for various types of suspensions:
• oscillating axle shafts
• trailing arms (coil-spring and torsion-bar types)
• semi-trailing arms
• arm-linear and transversal arm
• double trailing arms and lateral suspension arms (coil-spring, torsion, leaf spring)
• torsional-levered suspension

For each brand and category of vehicles (cars, trucks, off-readers, pickups or sports cars), we will select the best suspension repair solution matching the quality to the original brand. Unlike other analogues, Korean Roadrunner suspension parts are better not only in price, but also differ in accuracy of manufacturing. We use the most advanced technologies and quality materials, and most importantly, we provide a long-term durability warranty.