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Seal rings and gaskets are used in cars in various components and systems. At first glance these parts may seem simple and of little significance. However, poor seal quality or parameter mismatch can lead to serious breakdowns in the car (depressurization of lubrication and cooling systems, incorrect operation of fuel injectors, crankshaft instability, and so on).

Various brands of seal rings can be found today on the market. But it is not easy to find seals of required size, section and resilience. It is particularly difficult to determine the durability of the seal. This will not be a problem if you choose components and consumables of Korean brand Roadrunner.

Our catalog contains hundreds of different types of seals for cars of all brands and categories. You will find all possible diameters and sizes of seals used in modern cars. While manufacturing of Roadrunner seals and gaskets, we use high-quality and reliable materials to ensure stable and durable operation of your car.